Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The United Kingdom: the one with all the pictures

It has been nearly a month since my last post and it has been the busiest month of my life! I never thought doing a semester abroad could be so jam-packed with so many places and faces and castles. The last month has taken me to three different countries and brought a few new friends into my life. At the beginning of our trip to Russia we realized that our visa was only good for 90 days. For a minute this posed a problem because we had a visa that could not be renewed or prolonged so we had to get out of dodge or run run the risk of being detained. Yikes! I like Russia but I'd rather not be detained here. After some deliberation a decision was made to send us to London, England to help some folks with the work they were doing there. So for two and a half weeks we hung out in the UK and served the people there as we awaited word on a new Russian visa. But first we had to catch a flight. 

After being awake for way too long we met up with some lovely American who took care of us while we were in the UK. They took us on adventures to see the sea.

After seeing the sea we hopped on a train and headed towards Scotland! It took us a little more than 5 hours to get there and another hour to find our hostel but it was worth it. We stayed in the quaintest of hostel right downtown and for three days we lived at the foot of a castle. We wandered the streets of a city that was built before my homeland of America was even conceived. Just check out Edinburgh for yourself!

For the record: that is FIRE!

It was a bit of a culture shock to go from Siberia, Russia to London to Scotland in less than 72 hours but we managed. We couldn't help but love every second we spent in a new location. Even train rides were amazing to us. After a few days in Scotland we spent a couple days in downtown London with Allie's extended family. They drove up to see Allie and we loved meeting them! It was so fun to kinda be a part of a family unit again. 

AND THENNNNN we spent time with one of the coolest families I have ever met. The Barnwell clan will always have a special place in my heart and prayers. Tina and Jerry are parents to the coolest kids: Karis, Brennan, and Reegan. They love the Lord and are raising their kids to be fantastic young people who love people, love the Lord, love good food, and love movies. They were totally my kind of people. Tina took good care of us and made sure that we were fed well. Like, so well. I ate like the queen when Tina cooked. Also, I chopped nearly 10 inches of my hair off while we were there. Sooo yeahhh....

Then, praise God, our visas came back to us and we hopped on another plane to Russia. I hope you enjoyed these pics and if you would like to know some of the stories behind the pics you can check out my other post, The United Kingdom: the one with all the words.